Responsive Web Design VS Mobile Website

Thinking of Getting a Separate Mobile Website? Take a look at the Advantages of a Responsive Design first! In the current era of smart phones, going mobile friendly is the call of the day. The two most popular options in this scenario are choosing a responsive web design or going for a mobile website -But which one will ultimately work best for you? Confused on whether to invest in a separate mobile friendly website or go for a responsive design for your existing layout? Here are some points to ponder before you make the final decision! Take a look: .

First Things First – Which One Is Visually Appealing?

On a mobile website, the overview is actually a smaller version of your website that is simpler to navigate on smaller screens. While with a responsive design, the screen size and rendering experience will be automatically adjusted according to the size and orientation of the screen. Flexible, fast and simple – what more can a user want?

What Does It Mean For My Domain?

On a Mobile website, you will actually need to create a separate domain to host your website, which is not just a dent on your budget but can also affect your incoming search traffic. While with a responsive design, you don't need to worry about anything – your domain remains the same and only the code running in the background is tweaked by us! What about SEO and Traffic Management? On a Mobile website, separation of the domain may affect the overall traffic, as the links visited through the mobile website will not contribute to the overall SEO-friendliness and ranking of your main website. While with a responsive design, you can optimize links and SEO and multiply you traffic and rankings with a bang!